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Many Civil Aviation Authorities accross Latin America and the Caribbean impose requirements to obtain previous authorizartion prior flying over their soverign airspace. All countries have their own regulations on the subject. Private Flight, works directly with Civil Aviation Authorities accross the región to obtain both overflight and landing permits for all non-scheduled operations.

Please do have in mind that lead times vary from country to country. Private Flight´s operational team has an industry reputation to obtain permits as fast and agile as posible. In certain countries we only require a 15 minute lead time prior departure.

Airspaces we serve:
Colombia - Panama - Belice - Cuba - Nicaragua - Central America (Cenamer) - Ecuador - Peru - Chile - Brazil - Bolivia - Paraguay Suriname - Guyana - Trinidad and Tobago - Haiti.


Private Flight has global reach to fuel your operation at any location world wide.
Enjoy airline prices everyday at every airport.
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Trip Support

Fly to any airport of the Western Hemisphere (Latin America and the Caribbean) knowing you have a company and its support staff dedicated 24/7 to support any requirements and be your local contact during your time abroad.

Our comprehensive trip support service includes:

  • - Ground Handling
  • - Ground Equipment
  • - Overflight and Landing Permits
  • - Fuel Release
  • - Electronic Dispatch
  • - Ground Accomodations
  • - Flight Following

Countries that we serve

Mexico, Belice, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Caribbean, Community (Caricom) Netherland Antilles, St. Thomas, USVI, BVI, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda.

*Other locations available through network of service providers.